How does rental management work in Mauritius?

Do you own a property in Mauritius? Or are you planning to buy an apartment or villa in this beautiful country in the near future? With a thriving property market, Mauritius is attracting more and more investors looking for a safe and profitable business venture. But if you don’t intend to live there all year round, the best solution is to leave your property in the hands of professionals who will rent it out for you. Whether you want to save time, have peace of mind or guarantee optimum profitability, this article explains the many advantages of rental management in Mauritius and how it works.

What is rental management?

Rental management is a service for property owners which involves marketing rental properties and providing management and monitoring services. This type of service allows you to make a quick return on your investment without having to deal with all of the stresses of owning a property. Rental management activities can be entrusted to a number of professionals such as a specialised agency, a property management company or even a notary, who will act as a third party between the owner and the tenants.

Depending on the type of property and the degree of responsibility the landlord wishes to delegate, a professional property manager can take on the following tasks:

  • the marketing of the property, whether on a long-term or short-term basis;
  • welcoming tenants, carrying out inventories of fixtures upon their arrival and departure;
  • the establishment of rental contracts;
  • maintenance and repair management;
  • collecting rent and sending receipts;
  • payment of the property management company’s fees;
  • communicating with tenants and mediating any conflicts;
  • if necessary, the management of cleaning and gardening services;
  • any other ancillary services depending on the nature and characteristics of the property.

The rental agency or service provider then collects the rent and pays it back to the landlord after deducting its fee. The fee is a percentage of the rental income, the amount of which will depend on the number and type of services provided.

Buying and renting a property in Mauritius

Thanks to its mild tropical climate, idyllic scenery and political stability, Mauritius has become one of the most popular destinations in the Indian Ocean for property investment. In addition to these attractive benefits, there are many other reasons to invest, including:

  • very advantageous tax measures for French residents: a single tax rate of 15%, no property tax, no tax on capital gains and no tax on real estate wealth, to name but a few;
  • increasing demand for tourist accommodation, especially luxury properties;
  • the possibility of quickly generating income through rental management in Mauritius, and then reselling your property without having to pay additional tax.

In recognition of the country’s growing popularity, the public authorities have put in place several measures to facilitate access to property for foreign investors. This is the purpose of the Property Development Scheme (PDS), which has been in force since 2015 with the aim of relaxing the conditions for acquiring property in Mauritius. For example, the programme removed the area restrictions and lowered the minimum investment amount. It also makes it easier for the purchaser to obtain permanent residence status.

Most PDS properties are prestigious villas owned by foreign investors who do not necessarily live locally. These properties are highly sought after by holidaymakers and retirees and are most often entrusted to rental professionals who will rent them out as frequently as possible to ensure that everybody benefits. Given the long distance, it would certainly be an arduous task to handle these often time-consuming jobs remotely. Outsourcing rental management tasks therefore conveniently allows owners to earn additional income and maximise their rate of return, without interfering with their other activities.

Rental management in Mauritius: Opt for a profitable project

Following the successful completion of three premium property estates in France and Mauritius, the MJ Développement group has launched the Ekô Savannah project. Located on a unique and unspoilt site, the resort consists of 47 exceptional villas each with its own private pool and tropical garden.

With its 24-hour concierge service and access to a number of high-end services, the Ekô Savannah estate operates in a similar way to a luxury hotel. It combines all the advantages of a private property and a tourist establishment to cater for both holidaymakers and permanent residents. A clubhouse, a 120m2 swimming pool, a bar and restaurant, a childcare centre, a gym and a business centre are just some of the facilities and services available to all residents of the private villas.

With 20 years of experience and recognised expertise in luxury real estate projects, MJ Développement assists future buyers every step of the way, from the purchase of their project to renting it out. The subsidiary MJ Holidays takes care of rental management in Mauritius and provides a wide range of services, from airport transfers to the organisation of excursions and tailor-made activities.

By entrusting the management of their rental investment to the MJ Holidays team, owners can rest assured that they are choosing a partner with an extensive knowledge of the Mauritian rental market, as evidenced by the success of the Marguery Villa and Mythic Suites & Villas projects. Similarly, the owners will benefit from:

  • a single contact person, present on site 24 hours a day;
  • personalised support from passionate and competent professionals;
  • a wide range of services of unbeatable quality, aimed at satisfying a demanding clientele;
  • an average occupancy rate of 64% and a yield of up to 5%.

Would you like to know more about the Ekô Savannah project and our rental management service in Mauritius? Get all our advice on buying, renting or living in this paradise island by downloading our guide Living or Investing in Mauritius”.